Downtown Tyler Texas at Night

Downtown Tyler Texas At Night After The Rain

This is Tyler, Texas. Population just under 100,000. This is my home town. I was born here and have lived here most of my life. There is actually a lot more to Tyler than this scene. This is the old downtown square – the center of town. Today most of the new growth is to the south, however the old square is making a comeback.  Of course there is the courthouse (to the left, not pictured) as well as a few clubs, restaurants, and an art gallery. On the weekend nights this area is pretty busy with nightlife.

Last night after a rain storm went through town, I went out to shoot down town with the wet surfaces to reflect all the lights.

There was quite a bit more traffic down on the square than I thought there would be on a Tuesday night at close to 11pm, but it worked to my advantage because the lights from the cars passing by during a long exposure get frozen in the frame as streaks of light which just look cool.

Downtown Tyler, Texas at night after a rain storm with car light trails - long exposure

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