Arizona Utah State Line Sign In Monument Valley

I just returned from a road trip to the great American southwest.  And based on that one, it will definitely be one of many in my future. My goal when I left was to see how far I could get in the first day and I was going to sleep in my truck – a 2000 Chevy Z71 extended cab that I had outfitted with a makeshift sleeping area where the back seat had been.  But more on the preparation of the truck for all this in a later post. I started at home in Tyler, TX which is about 2 hours east of Dallas. My destination was Monument Valley, officially which is Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park in the Navajo Nation Reservation, located where the Arizona and Utah state lines meet.  I guess it was the excitement of getting to visit these locations for the first time, but I ended up making it the entire distance without stopping except when I needed to refuel and once in Amarillo to attempt to see the Cadillac Ranch, but it was at night and it was raining so that was a wasted stop.  I left Tyler at 11:00AM and drove across the width of Texas and by the time I reached Amarillo it was dark that evening. I continued across New Mexico and into Arizona through the night, then I turned and went up through the Navajo Reservation in Arizona and at roughly 4:00am up I arrived at the Utah/Arizona State Line in monument Valley. The moon was full and seemed extremely bright because I am used to being close to cities and towns with lots of lights at night that wash the skies with light and cause you to miss the brightness of the moon and stars. That isn’t the case in the desert away from big cities and bright towns.  I could see the shapes of Monument Valley quite well from only the moon light.  So when I came to this state line sign I had to stop just on the Utah side and set up my equipment and make this shot to mark my triumphant initial leg of the journey.  Only the moon light is illuminating the scene here. Photograph of the Arizona state line sign at the border of Arizona and Utah in the Monument Valley at night by moonlight. Please click on the image to take you to my portfolio where you can see my other work and purchase a print if desired.  Or you can go to my Shopping Area here. Prints are available as framed Prints, Canvas Prints, Acrylic Prints, and Metal Prints. Phone Cases and personalizable Greeting Cards are also available.  You can click on different options and it will allow you to see how the finished piece will look before you purchase.

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