Hello world! – A new look to an old blog

I gave my old blog here a facelift, but in  the process I caused all the previous content to be deleted, so I am starting over from scratch here.

This will now be a supplemental blog to my main website toddaaron.com (where all my Landscape, Nature, & Travel photography is located).  I plan to blog here on things that may not be related to the main site, but possibly also about my adventures relating to what is located on the main site too. I may go in more detail about the travelling I do in order to get to the locations where I photograph my images, and anything else that I think might be interesting or noteworthy.

I may post some behind the scenes images, maybe even some videos, and go more in depth about other random things along the way too.

I may even talk about weird stuff that doesn’t fit in my main site.

So as for an introduction….
Hi!  I am Todd.
I travel as much as I can and I take photos.
I am mainly a Landscape/Travel/Nature Photographer but I have also done a lot of other photography in the past (some of that may show up here too!).
I have a son who goes with me on some of my adventures, so he may pop up from time to time too.
I also like cars… mostly older cars, but not exclusively older cars. I currently have a 1967 Camaro that I am building.

For the photographers out there who may be reading, I may include some geeky technical info here from time to time too, as well as some how-to photography tips and maybe even some photography gear reviews. I may even go into my process for creating my images.

Well, that should do it for an introductory post.

Hope you enjoy the blog!